Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The photo swap with conner pops.

So, we had an assignment to do with our course where we had to look at photos of a person we didn't really know and who was in another discipline. I chose Connor from Graphics.

Through looking through his photographs i came to the conclusion that his mum and dad must have had him when they were fairly young, or at least his mother was, as there is a photo of him when he was just a wee baby and a fairly young woman looking over at him to check if he's ok. I think so anyway! As he's obviously had an accident and his leg is broken as it's in a cast. There are also photographs that look very professional in the back ground, could they be photos of him and his sister when they were babies?  
I think Connor may have an older and younger sister as there is a family photo with perhaps his cousins in it too? His older sister may have a child herself? I also think he's the only boy in his family as there are a few photographs with just him in them, it's that whole "boy wonder" thing, ha!
An obvious trait i could tell from Connors photos is that he clearly enjoys the female attention, along with the good things in life; Sun,drink and ice cream. And so coming to the conclusion that Connor is a bit of a party animal!
There is a photograph of him sitting at a table and the surroundings look to be that they are away on a family(?) holiday, and he's sitting with is phone in hand as if he's mid text. So clearly likes to keep up to date with his friends and values them a lot, as i can also see in other pictures he has where he is surrounded by friends.

I think Connor is a great friend to have and knows how to have a good time. He values the friendships he has and is keen to gain more. I think he has strong family values as well and appears to be close to them all.

Though obviously you can't tell everything from photographs!

Haha, that was fun! 

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